Cardiac rehabilitation is to provide physiological, psychological and social environment support for patients with heart disease, to maximize the recovery of the patient’s social functions, rehabilitation content includes clinical assessment, rehabilitation exercise, optimized drug therapy, physical therapy, psychological rehabilitation therapy, Health education, lifestyle guidance, etc. The benefits of cardiac rehabilitation have been supported by a large body of evidence based on evidence.

The Chinese medicine rehabilitation science is based on the yin and yang elements, organs and meridians, etiology and pathogenesis, blood and body fluid theory, and is guided by the overall concept of Chinese medicine and syndrome differentiation and treatment. While emphasizing overall rehabilitation, it also advocates syndrome differentiation and rehabilitation, and forms a unified form of Chinese medicine. Acupuncture, acupuncture, massage, fumigation, qigong, guidance, diet and other effective rehabilitation methods. Chinese and Western heart rehabilitation have common characteristics, personality and strong complementarity. TCM syndrome differentiation and Chinese medicine constitution assessment are important supplements for cardiac rehabilitation assessment. The cardiopulmonary rehabilitation movement model should be combined with movement and static, co-prototyping. The traditional movements of traditional Chinese medicine are various (such as Qigong, Wuyixi, Taijiquan, and Baduanjin, etc.). Through spiritual awareness, physical exercise, gentle movement, movement, shape, and harmony of form and spirit can be used to make up for the limitations of compliance and interest. Syndrome diet is a feature and advantage of Chinese medicine rehabilitation. It provides more specific dietary guidance for patients with different types of syndromes, changing foods to food, using foods to substitute for treatment, using drugs to taste, and helping foods to play a synergistic role. Spiritual conditioning absorbed the spiritual cultivation methods of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism (such as Qigong, yoga, Zen, and meditation). Giving full play to the advantages of TCM rehabilitation will have important implications for the recovery of physiological, psychological and social functions in patients with cardiovascular disease.

The TCM external treatment method is a method of giving medicines or physical therapy with different preparations through human body surface, pores, and acupoints. It is based on syndrome differentiation and treatment, through overall adjustment, exerts efficacy in multiple stages, and is effective and safe to use. Advantages such as small adverse reactions, suitable for cardiac rehabilitation phase I to III. External treatment of traditional Chinese medicine methods are overall treatment, skin bureaucratic mucosal treatment, meridian acupoints and other treatment. The overall treatment refers to the treatment of the whole person as the object, mainly guiding, sports therapy, music therapy and so on. The treatment of skin and bureaucratic mucous membranes refers to a method in which drugs are absorbed into the local or circulatory system through the skin and the bureaucratic mucous membranes, such as application and fumigation. The treatment of meridians and acupoints refers to the treatment of drugs, methods, and devices that are applied from the meridians and acupoints, such as massage and moxibustion. At present, many researches have used traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, massage, herbal diet, Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Duan Jin and other traditional Chinese medicine methods and methods to conduct beneficial explorations of traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation for coronary heart disease, heart failure and other diseases. Relieving clinical symptoms, improving heart function, improving the quality of life, and reducing the rate of readmission have certain advantages [3]. In order to promote the rational application of TCM external treatment technology in cardiac rehabilitation and realize the complementary advantages and organic combination of cardiac rehabilitation in Chinese and Western medicines, relevant experts in the relevant fields will discuss together and fully solicit opinions in the form of conferences and mails, and will be revised and improved. More than ten kinds of TCM external treatment technologies, such as therapy, fumigation, foot massage, ear pressure therapy, acupuncture therapy, massage therapy, and guidance technology, have formed expert recommendations for the application of TCM external treatment techniques in cardiac rehabilitation, and hope that Continuous improvement in application.

1 Acupoint external counterpulsation therapy

External counterpulsation is a non-invasive assisted circulation therapy. From the 2002 American College of Cardiology (ACC) and American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines for Treatment, external counterpulsation therapy has been incorporated into guidelines for the treatment of coronary heart disease, angina, and heart failure both at home and abroad. The meridian external counterpulsation therapy is based on the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine and places traditional Chinese medicine granules (or substitutes) on Fenglong, Zusanli and other acupoints. With the use of external counterpulsation cuff airbags, the acupoints are effectively stimulated by ECG feedback. , In order to achieve comfortable ventilation, phlegm and collateral channels for the purpose of an external treatment. Studies have shown that the application of meridian external counterpulsation in the treatment of stable angina pectoris of coronary heart disease shows further benefits.

1.1Operation method The Chinese medicine granules (or rubber ball, electrode sheet, electromagnetic products and other substitutes) are fixed on the selected acupuncture points, and then the external counter-pulse cuff airbag is externally combined to perform external counterpulsation treatment. The pressure of the airbag is according to the degree of patient tolerance. Different from person to person, it does not affect the efficacy of external counterpulsation therapy, but also has acupoint stimulation. Once a day, each time 30min, treatment for 10d.

1.2 recommended points Fenglong, Zusanli and so on.

1.3  Clinical application The mechanism of action of external counterpulsation is similar to that of exercise training, and its indication is broader than that of aerobic exercise. In addition to the role of assisting circulation, increasing coronary blood flow, and promoting the formation of collateral circulation, It can improve vascular endothelial function and reduce vascular stiffness, improve left ventricular function, and improve exercise tolerance [7]. Suitable for coronary heart disease, chronic heart failure and so on. Acupoint external counterpulsation therapy is a comprehensive treatment combining meridian theory with external counterpulsation, combining exercise and hemodynamic effects, acupoint stimulation, and meridian sensory transmission. The simple superposition of non-mechanical stimulation and external counterpulsation function, but through electrocardiographic feedback, produces acupoint stimulation consistent with heart beat, meridian circulation and qi, blood, and body fluids circulation, reaching Shuchuanweixue and Huatantong. The role of the network. By improving vascular endothelial function, inhibiting atherosclerosis, and reducing myocardial ischemia for the purpose of treating coronary heart disease angina. Can also be used as an alternative to exercise training, for patients with exercise taboos, such as unstable angina, orthostatic hypotension, resting electrocardiogram shows severe myocardial ischemia, combined with limb movement disorders (partial paralysis, etc.), can advance this method Treatment, and start exercise training when the situation improves without exercise taboos. Acute myocardial infarction, moderate to severe aortic valve insufficiency, dissecting aneurysm, valvular disease, congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy, active phlebitis, venous thrombosis disabled; blood pressure 170/110mmHg (1mmHg=0.133kPa ) Above, the blood pressure should be controlled in advance below 140/90mmHg; with congestive heart failure before counterpulsation treatment, the condition should be basically controlled, stable weight, no obvious edema of the lower extremities, during the treatment of counterpulsation should closely monitor the heart rate, Heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) and other physiological indicators; heart rate> 120 beats / min, should be controlled within the ideal range (<100 beats / min).

2 fumigation treatment      

fumigation treatment is based on the basic theory of Chinese medicine as a guide, after the drug is cooked, first fumigation with steam, and then use the drug solution in the body or local dressing. The therapy uses heat and drug power to achieve the effects of clearing and dispelling winds, disperse winds, dehumidify, penetrate bones, and promote blood circulation and qi.

2.1  Operation method Appliances: Chinese medicine fumigation instrument (for the treatment of chest using traditional Chinese medicine local fumigation instrument). Method: Through the digital intelligent control of constant temperature, the traditional Chinese medicine solution prepared by differentiation is warmed into the steam of Chinese medicine, and the drug ions generated in the steam of traditional Chinese medicine are used to directly fumigate the skin or the affected area and local fumigation.

2.2  recommended Chinese medicine formula 1 blood stasis cold syndrome: Guizhi 6g, Chuanxiong 6g, Radix 6g, borneol 1g. 2 blood stasis partial heat syndrome: Pueraria 6g, turmeric 6g, mint 6g, Xu Changqing 6g. 3 blood dampness card: Gualou 6g, Magnolia 6g, frankincense 6g, myrrh 6g. 4 water wetness card: 6g, betel nut 6g, Alisma 6g, Guizhi 6g.

2.3 The  clinical application Can be used for coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, chronic heart failure, hypertension and other heart disease patients, according to the patient’s physique, syndrome differentiation treatment, and choose a different transdermal agent. Fumigation must strictly control the temperature, not overheating, to avoid burns and mucous membranes.

3 Muzu therapy  

Muzu therapy is based on TCM theory of syndrome differentiation. After the drug is decocted into liquid or made into a liquid, the nerve endings are stimulated by soaking the feet and massaging the acupuncture points of the foot to improve the blood circulation, thereby achieving the prevention and treatment of diseases. Disease, physical health treatment.

3.1 Method of operation Appliances: Footbath treatment basin or other similar equipment. Method: Apply electric footbath, add the medicine liquid configured by traditional Chinese medicine, adjust the suitable temperature, suitable for 35 °C ~ 45 °C. Soak and massage the toe, foot and foot points commonly used, or electric massage foot reflex zone, once a day, every 30min.

3.2 Recommended herbal formula [8] Guizhi 10g, Millettia 20g, Impatiens 30g, salt 20g, commonly used in coronary heart disease, heart failure. Prunella 30g, Uncaria 20g, mulberry leaves 15g, chrysanthemum 20g, commonly used in hypertension.

3.3  Clinical application Can be used for coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, heart failure, hypertension and other heart disease patients, according to the patient’s physical and comorbidities, and folder symptoms (such as insomnia, limb pain numbness), etc., syndrome differentiation treatment.

4 Auricular pressure therapy Auricular pressure therapy is the application of medicinal seeds auricular points, given appropriate rubbing, press, pinch, pressure, so that it produces acid, hemp, swelling, pain and other stimulatory effects, in order to achieve therapeutic effect. 

4.1 Operation method Cut the medical tape into 0.5cm × 0.5cm, and take each seed of Vaccaria into the center of the tape one by one. The glass probe was used to probe the reaction points at the acupuncture points and the acupoints were selected. After finding out the acupuncture points, use tweezers to pinch the small cube-shaped adhesive tape attached to the medicinal seeds. Fix the corner of the adhesive tape on one side of the acupuncture point, and then align the medicinal seeds with the acupuncture points and press the tape evenly with the left hand finger until it is flat. Take 3 to 4 points, each time to take one side of the ear, alternating ears, 4 to 5 times a day, the attack can also press the stimulus. Every 2d to 3d is changed once, 10d is a course of treatment.

4.2  recommended points [8] 1 coronary heart disease: the main point for the heart, cortex, Shenmen, sympathetic. Point selection endocrine, kidney, stomach. 2 hyperlipidemia: spleen, stomach, endocrine and other points, or take sensitive points. Addition and subtraction of clinical syndrome, such as intestinal constipation, add lung, large intestine; spleen wet Sheng who plus kidney, triple burner. 3 hypertension: blood pressure ditch, liver, heart, sympathetic, adrenal, Shenmen, kidney and so on. 4 heart failure: heart, lung, spleen, kidney, triple burner, small intestine, endocrine, sympathetic and so on. 5 Arrhythmia: heart, Shenmen, sympathetic, subcortical, endocrine, thoracic, and small intestine.

4.3 Clinical application Ear acupoint therapy is simple, safe, and generally has no adverse reactions and absolute contraindications. Ears are covered with facial nerves, deaf nerves, large auricular nerves, large occipital nerves, etc., to stimulate different auricular acupuncture points, and their associated nucleus regulates the central nervous system, regulates sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, and improves angina pectoris and negative emotions. Sleep, etc. have a role [9-11]. Serious hypertension, malignant arrhythmias, etc. need to be applied after the condition is stable, and strong stimulation should not be used.

5 Acupoint sticking therapy of

traditional Chinese medicine The acupoint sticking therapy is to mix the traditional Chinese medicine or traditional Chinese medicine extract with proper matrix and/or transdermal absorption enhancer to make an application patch and stick it on the human body’s acupoint and use the medicine. The acupuncture point stimulation and pharmacological effects of traditional Chinese medicine to treat the disease non-invasive acupoint stimulation therapy.

5.1 Method of operation Use 75% ethanol or 0.5% to 1% of iodophor cotton balls or cotton swabs to disinfect the acupuncture points and apply them. 1 paste method: The prepared drug is directly pressed on the acupuncture point, and then covered with a medical tape, or the drug is placed in the middle of the sticky surface of the medical adhesive tape, and then aligned at the acupoint paste. Plaster can be directly or after warming paste the center of the plaster on the acupuncture points. 2 dressing method: the prepared drug is directly applied to the acupuncture point, covered with a medical anti-seepage dressing, and then fixed with a medical tape. The use of film agent can be fixed film on the acupuncture points or directly coated on the acupuncture point to form a film. When using a water (wine) impregnant, it can be dipped in a cotton pad or gauze, then applied to acupuncture points, covered with medical impervious water dressing, and then fixed with a medical tape. 3 Ironing: Heat the iron patch, apply it on acupuncture points on a hot surface, or apply an iron patch to the acupuncture points first, then warm it with drugs or other heat sources.

5.2  Recommended Acupoints and Formulations for Chinese Herbal Medicine

5.2.1 Recommended Acupuncture Points. Appoint selection based on patient’s dialectical or disease location.

5.2.2 recommended Chinese medicine formula According to the disease differentiation of blood circulation, aphrodisiac and other drugs. Recommended drugs: 1 37, Puhuang, frankincense, myrrh 2 copies, 1 piece of borneol, drying into powder. 2 Astragalus 30g, Chuanwu, Chuanxiong, cassia twig, safflower, Gualou each 15g, Asarum, Poria, Lilac, Yuan Hu each 10g, borneol, Panax notoginseng 6g, drying into powder. 3 wolfberry 2 copies, 1 cinnamon, dried into powder. 4 As a basic prescription for white mustard seed, corydalis, kansui root, and asarum etc., pulverize the ground and add ginger juice and mix thoroughly until it is applied on a special plastering film. 5 Brine, Dragon’s Blood, artificial bezoar, turmeric, asarum, rhubarb, red peony root, habitat and angelica are dried into powder, and then dimethyl sulfoxide is added to make the ointment.

5.3 Clinical application Acupoint application can significantly reduce the number of episodes of angina pectoris, relieve pain, shorten the duration of angina pectoris, reduce the amount of nitroglycerin, improve the clinical symptoms of patients, and the efficacy is reliable and safe without adverse reactions [16-25]. For patients with coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, heart failure, hypertension and other heart diseases, according to the patient’s physical fitness and comorbidity, and folder symptoms, treatment based on drug selection. The same point application time is 2h ~ 6h, once a day or every other day. During the application process, observe the changes in the condition and ask the patient whether there is any discomfort. If rashes, pruritus, blisters, etc., appear after the application of the drug, use should be suspended. Those who are allergic to the drug or dressing ingredients or have trauma or ulcers at the application site are prohibited.

6 Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a method of treatment using acupuncture.

6.1 Operation Method 1 Regular disinfection. The 2 needle approach includes needle cutting, needle insertion, dilation and needle insertion, and pinching and needle insertion. Acupuncture

Degrees are straight (90°), oblique (45°), and flat (15°). Needle basic methods: transfer method, lift plug method. Needle-assisted techniques: follow-up, scraping, bombing, squatting, kneading, tremors, and flying. After the operation is completed, the needle can be removed or left for 10 minutes to 20 minutes. When the needle is out, press the skin around the needle hole with your left thumb and forefinger, hold the needle in the right hand and slowly raise it to the skin. Then pull out quickly and use a dry cotton ball to press the needle hole to prevent bleeding. Finally, check the number of needles to prevent omission. . According to the patient’s body type, physical fitness, disease, etc., select the appropriate needles, differentiate points and select points, and implement appropriate remedial techniques to obtain needles. Once a day, 5 times for a course of treatment.

6.2 Clinical Application Acupuncture improves myocardial ischemia at multiple levels of gene, transcription, protein, and metabolism [26-32]. Commonly used acupuncture points are Neiguan, Xinyu, Yuzhong, Yushu, Zusanli, Xinyu, Yushu, Fuyinyu, Shenyu, Pishu, Taichong, Sanyinjiao, Taixi, Fenglong, Guanyuan, and Juyu. ,  according to the patient’s physical fitness and comorbidities, and folder symptoms, syndrome selection and treatment. For patients with coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, hypertension and other heart diseases. Acupuncture should pay attention to: 1 too hungry, fatigue, high spirits, no acupuncture. With weak constitution, the stimulation should not be too strong and take a supine position if possible. 2 avoid blood vessels acupuncture to prevent bleeding; patients often have spontaneous bleeding or bleeding after injury should not be acupuncture. 3 on the back of the eleventh thoracic vertebrae, lateral chest (thoracic midline) eighth intercostal space, chest (clavicle midline) above the sixth intercostal acupoints, prohibition of stabbing, deep stab, so as not to hurt the heart, lungs, especially lung Emphysema patients, more cautious, to prevent the occurrence of pneumothorax. Instable or serious complications, not acupuncture, such as acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, severe arrhythmia.

7 Moxibustion therapy      

includes direct moxibustion, indirect moxibustion, moxa moxibustion, mild moxibustion, flea moxibustion, revolving moxibustion, warm-needle moxibustion, and moxibustion moxibustion.

7.1 Method of Operation 1 Direct Moxibustion: Moxa moxibustion is applied directly on the acupuncture points of the skin, with 3 to 5 capsules per hole. 2 Indirect moxibustion: for the heart disease, qi deficiency, yang deficiency, or phlegm stasis, blood stasis syndrome can be selected to separate ginger moxibustion, Yang deficiency, severe use of salt moxibustion or aconite cake moxibustion. 3 moxa moxibustion: moxibustion moxibustion after acupuncture point ignition, can be applied mild moxibustion, flea moxibustion, swing moxibustion. Each time 5 points were selected, moxibustion per hole for 10 minutes, once or twice a day. 4 warm acupuncture and moxibustion: After acupuncture has been gas, put a moxibustion moxibustion with a length of 2cm to 3cm on the needle handle until the moxa burned. 5 moxibustion moxibustion: thoracodorsal acupuncture points can be used or moxibustion moxibustion moxibustion fixed moxibustion device, four points can be used cone moxibustion moxibustion moxibustion.

7.2 Recommended Acupoints Shenfu, Guanyuan, Yuzhong, Shenshu, Mingmen, Zusanli, Shuyinyu, Qihai, Xinyu, etc. According to the patient’s syndrome differentiation, disease location, the main symptoms of different acupoints.

7.3 Clinical application Moxibustion has the effects of scavenging free radicals, improving immune function, adjusting lipid metabolism, improving blood rheology, and regulating endocrine function. Commonly used in patients with heart deficiency, yang deficiency, dampness, and blood stasis syndrome. Diabetes or other diseases cause impaired sensory function and impaired skin healing.

8 Tuina Therapy 

Tuina therapy has dilated blood vessels, enhanced blood circulation, improved myocardial oxygen supply, reduced blood flow resistance, promoted the reconstruction of the vascular network of the diseased tissue, and improved cardiac and vascular functions. And have the function of adjusting autonomic nerves and analgesia.

8.1 Operation Method One finger Zen push method, rubbing method or rubbing method, rubbing method. To use a finger Zen push method or refers to the kneading method in the acupuncture point operation, each hole about 3min, rubbing at the same time, Zhu Huan patients with deep breathing, cross the front of the chest or back to the degree of heat penetration.

8.2 Recommended sites and acupuncture points Chest and back; Xinyu, Yushu, Fuyinyu, Neiguan, Intercourse, Sanyinjiao, and Ashi acupoint [8].

8.3 Clinical Application Meridian massage can clear the meridians, reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease and angina, and improve the quality of life [41-45]. For coronary heart disease, angina and so on. The blood pressure should be slightly heavier during operation, from Feishu to Yushu to push back the bladder, mainly to diarrhea. Qi stagnation and blood stasis, Han Xie Sheng Sheng, rubbing heart Yu, Yin Yin Yu, horizontal wiping the eaves, so that heat through the chest back. Sheng Sheng, phlegm and veins, friction, rub the Governor thoracic. Heart and kidney yang deficiency operation should be light, light friction Yu, Yin Yin Yu about 10min, mainly to make up. Patients should obtain cooperation, and often pay attention to the patient’s response and local conditions, according to the conditions of change, appropriate intensity, prevent scratches. Passive techniques should be gentle. Hypertensive emergencies, critical arrhythmia, etc. are forbidden.

9 Balanced cupping therapy

cupping technology is the use of cans as a tool, the use of combustion, suction, steam and other methods caused by the negative pressure in the tank, so that the tank can be adsorbed on the acupoints or the corresponding body surface parts, so that the local skin congestion or blood stasis, in order to achieve disease prevention External treatment method.

9.1 Method of operation Select the appropriate position according to the patient’s condition and expose the cupping site. On both sides of the back, pass along the bladder via the flash tank 3 back and forth, one from top to bottom and one from bottom to top. Apply a proper amount of glycerin on the back, along the back of the bladder on both sides of the back, and walk through the canal 3 channels back and forth, along the bladder on both sides of the back. Wipe the back glycerin with a small towel and leave the can (according to the patient’s condition, leave Ojo, lungs, sputum, spleen, and renal pelvis) for 5 minutes. Observe the adsorption, skin condition and cans. Note that the skin condition of the patient should be evaluated before the line-balance cupping therapy, with ulcers and skin lesions to avoid cupping.

9.2 Clinical application It can be applied to patients with yang-deficiency, phlegm-dampness, damp-heat, blood-throat heart disease, or the above-mentioned syndromes in the course of disease. According to the patient’s syndrome differentiation, disease location and syndrome differentiation of acupoints. In clinical applications, it is necessary to check whether the mouth of the cupping is smooth to prevent damage to the skin of the patient. The strength of the cans and jars used for walking can be tolerated by the patient. Attention should be paid to observing the patient’s response. Patients should immediately take cans if they feel uncomfortable. Severe heart disease, respiratory failure, local skin ulceration or high degree of hypersensitivity, systemic emaciation resulting in loss of skin elasticity, systemic height edema, and those with bleeding disorders are contraindicated.

10 Herbal hot packs therapy

Chinese herbal hot packs therapy is to place a warmed Chinese medicine pack on the affected part of the body or a specific location on the body (such as acupuncture points). Through the hot vapor of the bag, the local capillaries are expanded and the blood circulation is accelerated. This method can be used as an external treatment method for warming the meridians, reconciling the qi and blood, and dampening the cold.

10.1 Method of operation First assess the patient’s constitution and skin condition in the hot spot. Inform the local skin of burning and hot burning during treatment and stop the treatment immediately. The patient took a comfortable position, exposed the hot area, and heated the medicine pack. After each application, infrared radiation was applied for 30 minutes. The infrared lamp should be 20cm to 30cm away from the skin to avoid skin burns. After the irradiation, the skin should be kept warm to avoid coldness.

10.2   Recommended Chinese medicine formula and acupuncture points recommended Chinese medicine formula: 1 cinnamon 3g, psoralen 15g, Evodia 12g, system South Star 10g, ginger Pinellia 10g, Angelica 10g. Applicable to obstruction cold coagulation card. 2 Magnolia officinalis 12g, large belly 12g, broad wood incense 12g, bergamot 12g, Wujing 10g. Suitable for qi stagnation and blood stasis. After powdering, white wine or ginger juice is transferred to a paste to make a hot pack. Recommended points: Zusanli, Suizhong, Neiguan, Taixi, or Ashi.

10.3    Clinical application Can be used for coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, etc., have a certain effect [46]. Patients with sensory neurological deficits such as episodes of chest pain and severe diabetes, paraplegia, and patients with drug allergies, skin ulcers, and bleeding tendencies are banned or cautioned.

11   Guiding Technology Guiding technology is guided by the traditional techniques of Shaolin Internal Medicine, Yijin Jing, Wu Qin Xi, Ba Duan Jin, Tai Chi, and Six Characters as the main means to guide patients in the active training of massage techniques to guide patients to perform work. Law training is the main method, but it is also possible to perform manual therapy while performing exercises. The guiding technology has the effect of assisting righteousness and physical fitness and can be used in conjunction with other massage techniques.

The benefits of Yi Jin Jing, Wu Qin Xi, Ba Duan Jin, Tai Chi, and so on have already been confirmed by many studies[47-58]. Ba Duan Jin seems to have certain advantages in improving the quality of life of patients with coronary heart disease, especially in relieving the symptoms of angina, but more experimental data are needed to support this. Compared with simple exercise prescriptions for western medicine, Baduanjin has the characteristics of self-regulating and self-aligning. It improves sleep and relieves bad emotions to a certain extent. This series of characteristics determines that Duanjin is suitable for cardiac rehabilitation in patients with coronary heart disease. One way [59]. Wu Qin Xi is a kind of exercises that are externally moving, statically moving and seeking static in the movement. They correspond to the five internal organs. For example, tiger opera has the function of ventilating and nourishing the lungs; deer play has activity lumbosacral and enhances the function of kidney function; Xiongxi has the function of strengthening the spleen and stomach, aiding digestion, and stimulating the heart and fire; the Nuo opera has the benefits of hand, foot, and nourishing the liver. Role; bird drama drill with tonic heart and lung, adjust blood flow, Shutong meridians function. According to dialectical evidence, one can practice a single bird’s play, and one or two actions can be optionally performed. Tai Chi is low-intensity, mild and gentle, and is an aerobic exercise suitable for cardiac rehabilitation in patients with coronary heart disease. In the course of its development and dissemination, Tai Chi has evolved into a number of schools. The Chen Shi, Yang Shi, Wu Shi, Sun Shi, and Wu Shi are the five major factions of Tai Chi. Among them, Chen Shi Tai Chi is the oldest. Chen-style Taijiquan combines softness with gentleness, speed and slowness; Yang-style Taijiquan softens and stretches gracefully; Wu-style Taijiquan is compact and flexible, soft and compact; Sun’s Taijiquan is small and lively, soft and soothing; Wu-style Taijiquan is rigorous. The footwork is light [60-61]. The Yi Jin Jing Gong method is one of the basic exercises in the guidance and guidance technology of massage, and it is a kind of exercise method that seeks movement calmly, changes muscles, and strengthens one’s health. The Yi Jin Jing practiced by the Tuina guidance technology includes the twelve types. According to the specific situation, one or more formulas can be selected, and attention should be paid to the natural and gradual progress. The six-character tactic is one of the methods of voicing qi and meditation. It mainly uses the six differently pronounced words during the exhalation to undo the reconciliation of the qi and blood of the organs and meridians. The six-character Chinese character is “嘘, 呵, 呼, 呬, 吹, 嘻”, in which the 嘘字配肝, 呵字配心, 呼字配脾, 呬字配肺, 吹字配 kidney, 嘻字配Triple focus, exercise through breathing and pronunciation. These exercises can be used alone or in combination. They can also use other exercises that are guided techniques and medical gymnastics created based on modern sports medicine principles, such as relaxation exercises and internal training, depending on the specific circumstances. Chinese medicine five-tone therapy is based on the principles of the five elements of Chinese medicine, which is based on the principle of five elements and five internal organs to adjust the physical and mental, can improve the patient’s mental state, play a role in adjuvant therapy. Guidance technology can be used in conjunction with TCM five-tone therapy to improve the therapeutic effect. Excessive physical weakness taboo.

12 Other therapies

Direct current ionization is the method of using direct current to introduce drug ions through the skin and mucous membrane into the body. This method is called direct current drug delivery therapy. Can be used for coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, heart failure, hypertension and other heart disease patients, but also according to the patient’s physical and complications, and folder symptoms, syndrome selection and treatment.

The multifunctional moxibustion apparatus is based on the traditional principle of strong moxibustion. It adopts modern computer electronics and magnetic therapy methods. It eliminates smoke burning from moxibustion, pollution of the environment and inconvenience of operation on the basis of maintaining the moxa required for traditional moxibustion. , low efficiency and other drawbacks. Through electronic heating and magnetic therapy, full use of the organic ingredients of Ai can apply moxibustion to multiple acupuncture points at the same time.

Coronary heart disease ultrasonic therapeutic instrument is the use of ultrasonic principles, from the electrical energy through high-tech digital signal processing, conversion ultrasound treatment of coronary heart disease treatment. The ultrasound must be pulsed ultrasound and the space occupation ratio is 1:1. The emission ratio must be harmful from 0.8 W/cm2 to 1.25 W/cm2.

In the long course of development of Chinese medicine, through the development and improvement of ancient physicians, from simple to complex, a variety of rehabilitation methods have been created, each of which has a different range of treatment and advantages. Efforts should be made to strengthen evidence-based medical research, further optimize and standardize, and timely absorb new concepts, new achievements, and new means of rehabilitation technology. The application of remote control technology, wearable device technology, and Internet technology will enable TCM cardiac rehabilitation to enrich its own content and also make TCM Rehabilitation medicine provides better protection for people’s health.

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