Heart Rehabilitation – External Counterpulsation

External counterpulsation is a safe and effective non-invasive method for the treatment of ischemic diseases. The principle is to follow the heartbeat by the computer and use the R wave of the human body as the trigger signal to synchronize with the heart. During the diastolic phase, the special airbag sleeves are sequentially pressed on the calf, thigh and buttocks to make the blood flow toward the heart. Aortic regurgitation increases the blood perfusion of various organs such as the heart, brain and kidneys, thereby improving the blood supply of organs and limbs and smoothing blood flow.

Expert advice on application of TCM external treatment techniques in cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is to provide physiological, psychological and social environment support for patients with heart disease, to maximize the recovery of the patient’s social functions, rehabilitation content includes clinical assessment, rehabilitation exercise, optimized drug therapy, physical therapy, psychological rehabilitation therapy, Health education, lifestyle guidance, etc. The benefits of cardiac rehabilitation have been supported by a large body of evidence based on evidence

Therapeutic options of external counterpulsation in patients without indications of coronary revascularization

Early in 2009, American Cardiology Foundation/American Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventional Society/American Thoracic Surgery Society/American Thoracic Society/American Cardiology Society/American Society of Nuclear Cardiology