PSK P-ECP/TI (All-in-one Touch screen) model is the most popular model all over the world especially in India, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai etc. There are around 4000 units of TI model running in the global hospitals and medical centers. It is user-friendly designed with touchscreen monitor and 0-45° adjustable backrest which can be remoted as patients require. Air compressor from German BECKER is equipped with machine to ensure optimal inflation and deflation of EECP treatment.

EECP dramatically improves blood flow to the heart and has helped thousands of patients avoid costly invasive procedures, get off or reduce medications, eliminate or reduce angina symptoms, and enjoy newfound energy and vitality. Clinical studies have shown that more than 75 percent of patients completing EECP treatments experienced significant relief of symptoms and an improvement in their quality of life. Unlike bypass surgery and angioplasty, EECP/ECP therapy is done on an outpatient basis, carries little or no risk and is relatively comfortable.


  • It is more comfortable as the bed is designed based on the principle of human engineering. It makes the treatment more easily.
  • Passed by CE certificate and Bio-compatibility test.
  • It is based on Modern Medicine, Bio-Clinic Medicine, and Scientific Precise Data.
  • It adopts the latest computer, modern control technique, and software control system.
  • It adopts Germany Air Compressor and electromagnetic value only for EECP with pro prietary intellectual property rights.
  • It adopts scientific designed system to reduce noise and heat.
  • It adopts integration of equipment (All in One) design



Medical Device Authority